For high speed and continuous production lines, jumbo coils of strips weighing 400 kgs. to 1500 kgs. are used to ensure nil line stoppages & down time. These coils are known as "traverse wound" or more commonly "oscillated wound" coils.

The advantages of its use are:

  • Fewer number of changeovers

  • Lesser start-up issues

  • Significantly lesser scrap

  • Decreased fatigue of tools

  • Extended life for Tools

  • Increase in run time

  • Welds that are functional 

  • Significant advantage compared to ribbon wound coils 

On our customer's production floor, jumbo coils made through this process, while ensuring a huge time saving, also ensure a highly reduced scrap generation. The narrow width slit pancake coils are wound on a core and joined end to end using micro TIG welding technology to ensure a long continuous length. Our production facility ensures that coils are precisely layer wound with an even buildup to ensure no snagging or entangling of strips during high speed unwinding.

Using the latest in welding technology we are able to ensure that there is ZERO snapping or breaking of the weld joints during high speed production operations. Each weld is inspected for blow holes, cracks and other weakness using X-Ray equipment to ensure that the customer does not lose out on productivity due to welding fractures. Industrial applications such as flux cored wire manufacturing, press part manufacturers using progressive die tools, and high speed tube mills are typical users of these coils.

Minimum weight 400 Kgs. To Max. 1500 Kgs.

Spool Wound Precision Strip Coils

Thickness Range :

0.10 mm - 1.25 mm

Width Range :

5.00 mm - 100 mm

Coil ID :

300 mm / 400 mm

Coil OD :

600 mm / 850 mm

Coil Width :

250 mm / 450 mm

Coil Weight :

400 kg – 1500 kg

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